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Yin-Yang Balance Bracelet - Sea Glass

Yin-Yang Balance Bracelet - Sea Glass

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The Yin-Yang Theory teaches that nature is composed of various forces, vibrations, and energies that give way to everything else in the universe.

Yin depicts intelligence, intuition, creativity, calm, perseverance, and timidity.  Yin is introverted, late, makes decisions from the heart, and shows imagination.

Yang represents a masculine force traveling outward, is left brain dominant, and is associated with heat, sunlight, summer, and daytime.

Yang is extroverted, goal directed, adventurous, and displays courage and determination.  Yang is reasonable, methodical, controlled, and linear in thinking.

Yin and Yang represent a balance of intellect and emotion.

  • Each bracelet is uniquely handmade, with no two-alike.
  • Beads are color and size-matched creating a uniform appearance.
  • Stack it with other bead bracelets, or wear it solo.
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